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The Truth about Viking Decorative Items

The Vikings made so many beautiful pieces of jewelry but many people rarely think of them because they only concentrate on the items they used for the wars and those were large swords and spears. In this respect, they created different pieces of jewelry in the form of good-looking rings, necklaces, and bracelets and even used precious metals like gold and silver. The women benefited a great deal in the community as the alloy of these two metals called bronze was used to make a jewelry called brooches that they used to cover themselves. Apart from the aspect of beauty, the pieces of jewelry were used for other important uses in the society. The article herein highlights some of the facts associated with Viking pieces of jewelry, and maybe they are still in use today.

All Vikings wore these pieces of jewelry irrespective of the gender and the social class that one was in. This is because the jewels were used to identify the people in the community and this helped there to be tight security as people knew each other. The same earrings, bracelets, and necklaces were designed in accordance with the wealth that person had in the community. Others were used mostly by the women to fasten their clothes so that they can maintain their dignity in the society. The wealthy people in the community wore the very valuable ornaments that showed more respect for them.

There were those pieces of jewelry that were specifically made to symbolize some of the beliefs of the society, like Thor’s hammer that stands for the community’s preparedness for war. Other ornaments were made to symbolize different occurrences in the community like the death and celebrations of wedding. The most astonishing fact regarding these Viking jewelry is that these proofs were found in burial and hoard sites. The Vikings lived for so many years ago, and therefore the existing evidence can be used to imagine how their lives were during those days.

The Vikings were unique people because they never did something that was not in their culture, that is they did not wear earrings or fingerings even though they used to meet the Slavic people who used to wear. So they were very familiar with these pieces of jewelry it is just that they did not practice that culture in their society. Funny enough there were no rules to prevent the people from wearing these two pieces of jewelry since some who were interested were allowed to.

As pointed out, the Vikings used the pieces of jewelry as their form of identifying the wealthy people in the society, they also used some of this jewelry as currency. Silver is a precious metal, and therefore those pieces of jewelry were used to make the transactions possible since they were used for exchange.

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