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One day, there was a child who sold cakes made by his mother. He sold the cakes on the street or sidewalk where many people passed by. He did his routine activity by selling the cakes to other people who were passing by.

One day, he offered his cakes to a man on a street. But the man did not intend to buy his cakes. And then he took out his money and gave it to that child. He said, “Take this money, I give it to you.” And the child then took the money. However, he did not take the money for himself. He gave the money to the beggar sitting next to him. Looking at what the child had done, he felt surprised. He asked the child, “I have given you my money, but why don’t you keep it? Why do you give it to the beggar?” And the child immediately answered, “My mother always tells me not to receive the money from other people. We are not beggar. We take the money only when someone buys our cakes. Although we are not rich, we always work hard to earn money in the right way, we do not ask someone to give us money.”

The man was so surprised and the words did not come out of his mouth after listening to what the child was saying. He was amazed at the child. And then he smiled and told the child, “OK. I will buy all of your cakes today. You have given me a very good lesson. How much do all your cakes cost?” Then the man paid the child for the cakes. The man got the valuable lesson and the child was so happy with the money that he earned so quickly.

Message for readers:

You can learn from the child at the illustrative story above. Although he was not rich, his mental is great. He did not take the money unless someone bought and paid for his cakes.

Often there are many people who are mentally poor. One of the factors of successful life is having the success mental or having the mental of a champion. If you have this type of mental or attitude, you will have bigger chances to reach the gateway of success although you have not been successful yet. It’s not who you are today that determines your success in the future. It is your mental that determine your success in the future. People who have mental of a champion will always have high motivation to be a champion or successful although they were not successful in the past. Once again, who you were in the past will not determine your future. The past is not equal with the future.

If you are not successful today or if you feel that you are not destined to be successful, don’t worry. By having mental of a successful person, you will have motivation to try once again. If you have mental of a loser, your action and effort will not be in full power that can cause you to achieve not-so-good results. A loser always has mental of a loser, a winner always has mental of a winner.

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